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CSC ROV Trainings Privacy Policy
The CSC RO V Learning and Development Program is designed to facilitate the L&D needs of Government Employees and other aspiring eligibles that needs to acquire government training hours. This system contains the current year's Training Calendar for public information and registration. All registrations made on this website will solely be used for the records of the Civil Service Commission and shall be maintained in confidentiality. Any information entered by the user will be saved in the server database of registered participants to be downloaded upon full payment of the participant. Such data will be used in the printing of Certificate of Trainings and other training-related documents. Such database shall be maintained and used when applicants requests for authentication of ther Certificates. Other irrelevant information such as, but not limited to Date of birth, Age, Salary Grade and Position will be discarded when the Certificate has been printed.
CSC RO V Online Trainings - Terms and Conditions
The CSC Online Learning platform is designed to implement face-to-face trainings using online resources. This consist of Free and Paid webinars, Online Events and Online Courses. The following terms and conditions are set by this Office:
  • All clients are required to create an account and verify using the email they provided to use the system.
  • All participants must login to the LMS in order to gain access to the webinars, courses and events.
  • Free webinars are open to anyone who wishes to view attend and learn. However, downloading of the resources are strictly prohibited and may result to legal actions.
  • Paid webinars are open to the public for an investment fee depending on the level and duration of the training.
  • Participants are required to register to a webinar in order to proceed to the payment process.
  • Payments to webinar are non-refundable
  • Failure of a participant to attend the webinar on its intended date of broadcast will mean forfeiture of the registration fee.
  • All participants who completed at least 90% of the required training hours and submitted all the necessary requirements of an online, webinar or event will be given a certificate of participation.
  • The CSC RO V will not be held liable for any incorrect information of participants especially on the Certificate of Completion since the participants were the one to enter their information.
CSC ROV Trainings - Terms and Conditions for Calendared Face-to-Face Training
The CSC RO V Learning and Development is intended to address the competency gaps of the government workforce. The online registration accepts all registrations from would-be participants to their selected training program. The following terms and conditions are set by this office:
  • All scheduled training programs have limited slots and will be on an first-come, first-served basis.
  • All payments and confirmations to conventions, forums and the like should be coursed through the CSC RO V Filed Office
  • All registrants must encode their information and supply it correctly and completely as required by the registration page.
  • A valid and working email address is required for registering participants.
  • Any payment or confirmation of attendance to a scheduled training without prior registration will not be accepted.
  • All payments must be made through CSC RO V Regional Office or Field office.
  • Training fee is inclusive of training materials, meals (AM snack, lunch, PM snack), and training certificates.
  • Failure to attend the training by a participant not caused by this office will not be subject to any refund.
  • Participants who are granted a "To Pay Later" status in order to acquire a slot for the training, shall pay the registrtion fee regardless if he/she did not personally appear during the training/event. This is due to the procurement of the slot materials, meals and other expenses that is already paid for by CSC beforehand.
General Terms and Conditions
  • All scheduled training programs may be subject to changes in fee, title, date and other information without prior notice to the registrants or participants.
  • All payments for the registration fee must be made through any of the following:
    1. Cash or check payment directly to the CSC Office
    2. Bank Deposit
    3. Fund Transfer
    4. LDDAP-ADA
  • Payment through GCash, Credit Cards and others not recognized by the Civil Service Commission are NOT ACCEPTED
  • A CSC-issued Official Receipt must be presented/submitted to the CSC through the HRD at to be confirmed a slot to the training
  • Issuance of certificate of completion is made only upon full payment of the investment fee and completion of all the training requirements.
  • Failure to attend the training as scheduled which was not caused by sudden cancellation or changes in schedule shall be deemed forfeited and no return of investment fee shall be entertained.
  • For transfer of training fee to another training, the training fee must be equivalent or less than the actual payment made. The CSC RO V shall not issue rebate since the Official Receipt (OR) has already been released. A written request must be sent to CSC RO V at least 15 days before the start of the scheduled training. This is only applicable if a pior information was sent to CSC RO V regarding the forseen absence of the participant due to other mattersas stated above.
  • Cancellation of attendance should be made through a written request addressed to Director IV Daisy Punzalan Bragais at least fifteen (15) days before the schedule, otherwise, the registration fee will be forfeited.
  • For change of participants, the CSC RO V should be informed at least five (5) working days before the scheduled training through
  • All participants are STRONGLY ADVISED to check their information at the attendance sheet during registration period of the training. Any corrections should be made visible on the attendance sheet.
  • Non-completion of attendance to the required training hours will only render a Certificate of Registraion but will only be upon request of the participant.
  • The CSC RO V will not be held liable for any incorrect information of participants especially on the Certificate of Completion since the participants were the one to enter their information.
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